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About us

We are congregations dedicated to one purpose: feed the need, find purpose, be the change. Located in the Ottawa area we support a variety of local nonprofits and partner ministries, as well as provide individuals and families with a flourishing congregational life including groups such as crafters and quilters, bible studies, and much more! Check out our Congregational Ministries tab to find out more. We prioritize our Youth and Young Adults through many different activities by encouraging growth and challenging their perspectives. Stay up to date with both church's happenings by viewing our Calendar and feel free to reach out though our Contact page.

Our Leadership Team
Joel Crouse


Sonya Sweeney

Music Ministry Coordinator

jon bondoc_edited.jpg
Jon Bondoc

Music Ministry & Youngest Members Coordinator

Black Puzzle Pieces

Office Administrator - St. Peter's

2017-04-14 - 04 - Bev Amalie Claudie Louise Saralyn Karen.jpeg

Office Administrator St. John

Black Puzzle Pieces

Social Media Manager - St. Peter's

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